The Prospoetry

Anwer Ghani  

The narrative to be expressive, poetic and different from non-poetic narrative should be characterized by prosopoetry, where the complete poetry occurred in midst of complete prose. The prospoetry in the narrative, or in prose in general, has many textual, pre-textual in the general language consciousness and post-textual features in the site of reading. These features include the continuous clausal structure, the logical structure without break or fragmentation, and the non-storytelling narrative which resist the narrative. These features are responsible for the production of prosaic in the text. The features which are responsible for the production of poetry in the expressive narrative piece include the symbolic metaphoric, the inspirational anti-narrative, the wavy writing, and the faltering of meanings in the deep structural. 
In the expressive narrative, the superficial structure is prosaic and narrative but the deep one is poetic and lyric.

Anwar Gheni. Jaber, the pen name "Anwer Ghani", is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Alhilla city. His name was appeared in Peacock, Otoliths, "Algebra of Owls", "The "Year of the Poet" and Tajdeed. Anwer Ghani is the founder of "Expressive Narrative’s Group" and the chief editor of "Arcs" an expressive narrative’s magazine.  He had, in Arabic, forty books in poetry, literature, and religious sciences. Here is his website;

Anwer Ghan is the chief representative of World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) in Iraq and the establisher of "Tajdeed Literary Institute (TLI)" and the annual "Tajdeed" Prize for expressive narrative.


In Search Of A Land

Roula Pollard


The scent of the sea travels with me since birth
countless places I’ve discovered,
people I yearned to meet in time, I did meet
but when I touch you,
a voice like the existence of all beings
awakens from the earth,
like  a house opening its destiny to the sun
nearing hope and love
between sound and silence
I am there.
But when silence cries into a lonely heart
when hunger and destruction afflicts the world,
when love is absent … I know the place
I discover what hurts
I understand the cause of pain

When luck, dressed with sadness, changes direction,
when a voiceless expectation leaves a person
lying on life’s beach exhausted, like a swollen whale…

I am there with you.
So, stay with me tonight, like an unfinished story,
touch me again like a galloping horse,  
cover me with morning dew,
draw with your lips a rainbow on my heart.
Brighten my shadowy valleys with your sunlight.
My sleep awake with your rays.
Travel my body through your continent of love,
by the intense flame of your eyes.
Narrate the journey of passion to my soul!
Touch me, till darkness exhausts itself.
Chronicle the story of our existence,
the reason for our genesis, heart’s sensitivity explain
to narrate to our descendants
events escaping their awareness.
As the cosmic entrance of understanding opens,
As love gives birth to blueness
the Aegean sea gives back my human face.


Roula Pollard, a poet and writer of Greek origin, was born on the island of Santorini. She studied History and Archaeology at Athens University and obtained an M.A. in Classics at Leeds University. She lived in England for twenty five years and worked as a teacher of Modern Greek Language & Civilization  at Wakefield District College ( Wakefield University )  and Joseph Priestley Institute of Higher Education in Leeds,  and also as literary promoter. She participated in prestigious English and Greek Poetry festivals.
·         Three collections of poetry published in Greek: “Presence”, “Points of Silence”, “The Birth of Beautiful Time”. Her 4th poetry collection “Continents of Love” will be published in English in 2017, and also a Greek Poetry collection, in Athens.
·         Published literary articles in Greek and English literary magazines on contemporary Greek, English and American poets and artists.
·         Translated an anthology of the works of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes into Greek, and presented a series of broadcasts about Sylvia Plath’s Poetry on Athens National Radio ERT, 1987.
·          As Literary promoter, she organized poetry readings in English universities, colleges, poetry festivals, writers and international associations for well known English poets in West Yorkshire, 1987 – 1997 (Carol-Anne Duffy, Hugo Williams, Sylvia Kantaris, Michael Horovits, Simon Armitage, Ian MacMillan, e.a ). She has promoted more than 100 poets, writers, musicians and painters. 
·         Organized painting workshops for children with special needs -  Wakefield City Library, 1991.
·         Co-operated with painters ( Kathy Lancaster, Angela Bower, John Harrison, David Wright, e.a. ) for the production of sets for Greek music festivals in  Leeds, Wakefield, Manchester, 1991.
·         Broadcasted about Greek music and Civilization - BBC Radio Leeds and Greek Radio, Manchester.
·         Included into “INTERNATIONAL WHO IS WHO IN POETRY AND POETS” Encyclopedia, Cambridge Publications, England (1990-1996).
·         Her poems are published in more than 15 Greek and International Poetry Anthologies, 1982 – 2016.
·         Organized numerous Poetry readings and presented books in Athens.
·          She raises awareness on the return of the Parthenon sculptures  and also for the return to Greece of “the Classic Olympic Games“. 
·         Future Project: in co-operation with the Professor of Astrophysics  Xenophon Moussas, Athens University, on “ The Mechanism of Antikythera “.

·         She co-operates with Indian and Egyptian professors, French and Australian poets and artists for the establishment of an International Academy.

She is asked to participate in International Poetry Festivals and co-operates with Poetry Associations worldwide.

The Nonstop Train

Lanka SR Prasad

When that interminable train of a caravan surges forwards or backward,
As you wished, a series of montages struggle past inward and outward;
In the first compartment sits withered faces with age old wrinkles and groans.
The terminal room is empty of life but filled with bizarre skulls and bones.
In the Engine room resides a grave grotesque dark sinister creature,
With a sharp curved blood oozing scythe in his hand and expressionless feature,
To his opposite presides a faceless face of illumination beyond any description,
In that sea of Fire, all the three periods merge into emptiness of cosmic friction!
In that night of nights, in that pitch darkness without moon and stars,
A night that envelopes the mighty forests, seas, mountains and shores,
When that train passes non stationary stations it slows, whistles but never stops,
Fireflies, glow worms buzz in and buzz out of their form with hopes and hops.
As you walk across the compartments of the various ages of uncertain lub dub,
Among the vermin ruins you shall find Cain’s stone, David’s sling, Hercules club,
Primitive men’s obsidian knives, stone axes, boomerang, hatchet, tomahawk
Rama’s bow and arrows, Krishna’s wheel or disc, King Arthur’s Excalibur, Achilles shield
Umpteen swords, daggers, spears, bastilles, catapults, seize towers, battering rams,
Bullets, canons, tanks, fighter planes, missiles, atomic bombs and all that junk,
Scattered amidst the flesh and blood, bones and the treasures of war stink!
In that night of nights, obsequies and funerals are in full spate, the overcrowded platforms
open their hell down stair cases, to fling the rotten bodies crawling with flies and worms,
and the invisible ladders from above wait desperately to find a few qualified souls!
Oh you Visitor! Did you see the images of all the prophets, in that glow worm light?
Hung to the walls of the compartments, and crosses, pleading the people to do right?
Awake! Arise! Act! In that night of nights no train stops at your station!
Your past deeds allot you a ticket to the hell down station or the ladder levitation!
You can be a firefly or glow worm or just a fly or worm, choice is yours!
In the Engine room the face of illumination decides and the scythe creature executes!

Lanka Siva Rama Prasad is an Indian poet, author, and translator.He has written and translated more than 100 published books. Prasad is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon in Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences and a fellow of Indo-Asian Literature. Here is his website:

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