This Thing

  William S. Peters, Sr

I know not what curious factors compel me to hold you in my thoughts each day, all day.
I anticipate with longing each moment we share whether it be speech or your presence.
I neither know not what drives and directs me to sit and exact this communication revealing my inner self in such a manner.
I have long learned the incrimination of putting one’s feelings in writing, but I care not.
All too often the things I desire to say, I lose courage to say, and the words melt away in to the abysmal nothingness that abides with us all.
All too often in life there are moments and experiences that acquaint us with something or someone special, and we do not comment.
To not at least acknowledge that our souls have been touched, stirred or moved is a sin against life itself.
It is holding all that is dear in life in disdain.
I, as we all do, know and understand the rules of man and social structure and it’s condemning nature for what it can not accept, understand or control…..
well . . .
This Thing is of a non conforming nature within the structure that wishes to erect the edifices of it’s own greatness only to pass into history as a time that used to be.
This Thing is timeless, universal and cares not of the rules that are set upon the table before itself to abide by.
This Thing existed long before man could utter his desire for order and conformity.
This Thing fractures the rules by which we so vehemently deny ourselves and our divinity.
This Thing cares not save for the opportunity to share itself with another…. Unabashed…. Uninhibited…. and Unrestrained.!
This Thing will either be our undoing or our salvation in this life…but in the infinite misunderstanding of our existence,
This Thing is all that there is.
This Thing is the Mother of all that exists. It is the relationship between all living things…. each of it’s own kind.
As we develop in our consciousness we come to understand and accept that we are all connected and interdependent, for all is one. I have encountered thee and I aspire to thee to become one with thee.
For This Thing I will suffer the indulgences of a finite society, for my cause is timeless.
This Thing have brought thee through many histories and lifetimes and we shall go forth with much more…. for I am but a servant.
Thou has awakened in me this Thing that has lied so dormant for too long.
I acknowledge the grandeur of This Thing I have found in thee, for This Thing is . . . . . . .Love !

circa 1985

William S. Peters, Sr
 Bill aka William S. Peters, Sr. is the Proud Father of 11 children and 8 Grandchildren. Bill has been writing for over 48 years, expressing his thoughts on matters of the Heart, Spirit, Consciousness and Humanity. Bill has published over 30 Books. His latest offerings include Poetic Collections, Short Story and Witticisms such as; Stories, Fables and Quaint Little Tales, Confucius Says, The Vine Keeper, This Too Shall Pass, the light in the window, The Wind, The Mountain and The Sage and many more. Most of Bill's Books are available for purchase on this Web Site. Bill's STORE As i mentioned earlier, Bill is also a Spoken Word Artist and his current CD “free thinker” is available through this site as well as CD Baby, ReverbNation, Amazon, iTunes, etc.


Call for Submission

Arcs is an annual prose poetry magazine with e-book and paperback editions in December every year. 
Prose poetry in our definition is poetry has been written in sentences and paragraphs, no rhymes, no rhythms and no breaks.

We are seeking the prose poem which has been written in English and in sentences and paragraph, (horizontal as prose piece) with the narrative lyricism where the complete poetry emerges from the complete prose.
Here is the place of narrative poetry lover. Here is the world of narrative lyricism.
 For submission, please send 2-5 prose poems in word document with short biography and new the following email:

Arcs is a magazine of prose poetry. It is produced by Prose Poetry Society.

The Historical First announcement in 2016
Arcs Prose Poems is a digital prose poetry magazine with annual anthology. Arcs is a specialized prose poetry magazine had been released by Tajdeed Institute for Literature and Arts in December 2016 in Iraq; Baghdad.
We are seeking the prose poem in English and in a horizontal shape with sentences and paragraph; in one block without breaking exactly as prose piece.

We like narrative lyricism where complete poetry emerges from complete prose; where the  superficial structure is prose but the deep structure is poetry. 

Anwer Ghani

We receive submissions around the year.